Discology's platform is the new innovative platform dedicated to multimedia content digital distribution. it offers services aimed to all of the existing independent labels in the world. Thanks to a team of professionals it is able to coordinate your catalogue through a focused marketing, specific advertising and a correct profit of your videos, giving you the possibility to manage your connected rights. Discology uses a net of capillary distribution, making all of your products available on multiple platforms. Single, EP, Album, Compilation or Video.


WhoWe Are

Discology's platform is the new innovative platform dedicated to multimedia content digital distribution.

WhatWe Do

Discology offers itself as a partner for a complete promotion and marketing service, helping you to look for a new strategy for the perfect management and developement of your catalogue or of your new products, thanks to an expert team that has worked out a technology (which is availabe in the background) that will help you to improve your digital sales, your streamings and your videos views

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Discology platform allows you to upload your tracks with just one simple passage that works through a simple and intuitive metadata. You could also distribute your tracks by uploading them manually in every available format such as Single, EP, album, compilation or video.


uploading one or more tracks can simply happen by logging into our platform “discology.digital”


uploading multiple tracks, logging into the platform “discology.digital”, is an easy and simple passage that allows you to transfer simultaneously even hundreds of different tracks by dowloading and using a Csc or Xls file, which contains a metadata very easy to use. It allows you to have everything set online on every major platform in just a few minutes


Discology allows you ti manage autonomically your channels with the possibility of downloading automatically your videos or, alternatively, to have immediatly the static video topic of your release with all the information needed. This will make it possible to earn from your tracks thanks to the immediate fingerprint


Discology’s team will help you manage your pages “Artist” and “Label” with a dedicated service, in irder to obtain the maximum visibility with the minimum effort


Once inserted all of the artists personal datas, of the given percentages and related to the SIAE’s deposits, Discology’s software will allow you to get automatically all of your Master and Publishing contracts and to print them to get all the signatures to make the archiving possible








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Discology dedicated an entire section to promotion, with a system that allows you to chose a sample mail to send to your contacts and which contains all the information on new or currently existing publications. Once it has received the user feedback, the system can quickly download every track of your interest. Every feedback remains in a personal archive that you can download in a pdf format.

Discology’s team boasts a long life experience in the music industry. Our experts will help you managing your account and spreading information on your releases in order to obtain maximum visibility

Every day our softwares verify that all of your tracks are correctly reported and that any eventual conflict is solved in a few hours

the unique and innovative system of reporting in Discology allows you to get files in txt, csv or xls, divided in artists, producer or label with the exact percentage of each one’s share. You will simply need to insert the exact datas in the report section to get each report.

Discology platform is the only one that allows you to obtain automatically the sample for the tracks deposit both for italy and a great part of the european territory by inserting datas of artists, composers and editors. You will need to either print the file to sign and send manually or, having digital signatures available, you will need to send it automatically by using a specific indicated link


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